Mid Tour Update!

Photo by Grace Gershenfeld

Midnight Circus is halfway through our 13th annual citywide tour and we’ve had nothing but wonderful weekends full of community-building, fundraising and world class circus! 

Garfield Park kicked off the 2019 season with beautiful weather, a packed circus tent and hundreds of smiling faces. Hats off to the Garfield Park Advisory Council for doing such a great job launching the tour!

At McKinley Park, where we keep adding shows and they keep filling, we once again played to five sold out houses. The partnership between the Advisory Councils of McKinley and Kelly Parks is truly inspiring.

Foster Park, on the beautiful south side of Chicago, hosted Midnight Circus for the first time! The Foster Park Advisory Council wowed us with their strong sense of community, enthusiasm, and a large group of committed volunteers. Foster Park also hosted our ‘Partnership for Peace and Circus’ initiative, which brought hundreds of children and family members from MASK and Moms Demand Action to the circus.

We wouldn’t have been able to share the magic of circus with these families without the generosity of our donors who raised over $3,000 to cover the cost of tickets, bus rentals, and of course concessions...you gotta have popcorn! Midnight Circus wishes to thank the following donors who made this all possible:

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 12.10.20 PM.png

Holstein Park was another runaway hit! Thanks to the wonderful collaboration between the Holstein, Maplewood/Lucy Flowers and Haas Advisory Councils. This little park nestled in between homes really knows how to put on a circus. As an added bonus our partners from Peoples Gas offered free face-painting for all the kids at the circus as well. What a weekend it was!

This past weekend we performed at Lake Shore Park in beautiful downtown Chicago. The image of the circus tent among all those towering high-rises is really magical. Next weekend we head to Ridge Park! 

Be sure to follow the second half of our One World, One City Tour on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Our circus artists are doing weekend instagram take-overs with sneak peaks of the show and behind the scenes footage!

See you at Ridge Park!