Core Values


Bringing Circus to the People

Born in 2007, Midnight Circus in the Parks brings an intimate, exciting, world-class circus to the heart of every community it plays.

MCITP was founded on the belief that community involvement is the foundation on which to build long‐term success with positive effects lasting well beyond a two‐hour performance. To that end, all performances are affordable, accessible, and provide a platform for community groups to volunteer, fundraise and become active arts participants.


Raising money for Chicago parks


The performances have been used to raise over $960,000...

for community groups, play-lot renovations, and park programs. Plus, in 2017 Midnight Circus in the Parks’ Benefit Performance for Puerto Rico raised over $18,000 for American Red Cross’ Hurricane Maria Relief efforts.

“Midnight Circus in the Parks does not just put up the tent, collect ticket fees and move on. They work local community groups for the months leading up to the weekend of shows. They bring community leaders from all of the participating parks together to help share best practices in promoting, fundraising, recruiting and effectively utilizing volunteers to improve the park and surrounding neighborhood” – Patrick Brosnan, Executive Director, Brighton Park Neighborhood Council


Animal Activism

Animal welfare and the circus are both conduits to reach people across Chicago and affect them in a positive way.

With this in mind our cast always includes incredible four-legged acrobats, who also happen to be rescued Bully Breeds and beloved members of our family.

Rescued by Jeff Jenkins & Julie Greenberg, Founders & Directors of Midnight Circus, these dogs have overcome incredible odds to become well-trained, well-socialized loving family pets and much admired performers and ambassadors for the breed as fan favorites of Midnight Circus in the Parks.

Bully Breeds disproportionately fill animal shelters in Chicago and we are committed to addressing this issue. Most are high-energy, high-drive dogs that need owners who are committed to training, socializing and insuring they are raising positive members of the canine community. Our Performing Pit Bulls and beloved family pets also provide a unique path to connect with young people sharing Midnight Circus in the Park’s message of teamwork, tolerance and shared responsibility.


Appreciation for Volunteers


Long before the tent goes up, the music starts and the acrobats flood the ring, volunteers from all walks of life spend countless hours making preparations for the thousands of families that will come to the park.

The passionate and talented volunteers from each community that Midnight Circus in the Parks plays are the unsung heroes of the circus.

Volunteers work tirelessly leveraging the circus to raise funds through ad and ticket sales. And when it does they are right their popping popcorn, selling tickets, ushering, and doing anything that needs to be done to make sure the circus comes off without a hitch. No small feat when you consider over 15,000 people come out annually to see Midnight Circus!

Once the tent comes down these volunteers figure out how to most effectively use the funds raised whether through park improvements or programming and how to keep the community actively involved in and around their park.

Hats off and a very special standing ovation to all our volunteers!