As a company Midnight Circus has always believed in the power of the arts too not only entertain but to promote positive social change.

With that in mind and inspiration from our early days traveling in Europe we created Circus In The Parks.

Flash back  a dozen or so years, Midnight Circus was a young, brash, troupe of performers on our first adventure together in Europe. We were enchanted with the intimate theatrical circuses we saw in the small parks and piazzas in Italy and France. The idea that families could come together in their very own communities and enjoy unique, exciting, world-class entertainment was a revelation to us. 

Over a decade later The Midnight Circus is a bit older, a bit wiser, but hopefully just as brash. That long ago idea that one day we would create an intimate theatrical circus that played to audiences right in the heart of our fair city was about to become a reality.

In 2007 we got word that the playground in the park, our park was going to be downsized. It was old and in desperate need of renovation like many of the parks across Chicago. Thing’s being what they were the funds to rebuild the park bigger, which was very much needed, was not an option.

The seed that was planted so many years ago began to sprout. In 2007 The Midnight Circus would partner with the Welles Park Advisory Council, bring together our eclectic company of performers and create a show. Volunteers from all walks of life participated, taking tickets, hanging posters and spreading the word.

Circus In The Parks was born! Not only was the show an artistic success it also fulfilled another one of its primary goals of raising funds to help rebuild the playground. That opening weekend of shows raised nearly $20,000 for this cause.

The partnership between Midnight Circus and the passionate talented volunteers of the Park Advisory Councils (PAC’s) is the key to this unique fundraiser and community-building event. Each year the Tour has expanded and to date Circus In The Parks has played to tens of thousands of people and raised over $250,000 for local park improvements.

Celebrating community, raising funds and rebuilding parks One Circus at a Time.